Late Night at Quaglino's

Big cities come alive in the wee small hours, and late night London has just welcomed back an old friend. For years, Quaglino’s has been the place to be seen, a celebrity hang-out for royals and rebel rousers. Walking down the iconic staircase to the main bar is to follow in the most famous footsteps… from Judy Garland to Michael Hutchence, Mrs Simpson to Princess Margaret. All have sipped champagne and partied ‘til late with us, and nobody ever asked what time they got home.


Well, the early hours are back on the Quaglino’s timetable. This Friday we saw the restaurant come alive to the launch of our ‘Late Nights’. You can never get too much of a good thing and on Fridays and Saturdays you can now dance until 3am and top up on delicious bar snacks through ‘til 1 at ‘late night Quags’. The live music starts at 10.30 in the company of our fabulous house band ‘High on Heels’ before the resident DJ’s take to the stage as the clock strikes midnight.

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The February 27th launch was a preview to a year of ‘after hours’ fun as guests enjoyed a variety of complimentary cocktails and a selection of canapes and treats – just call them ‘late elevenses!’ – before taking to the dance floor. There can be few better settings for dancing towards dawn. The restaurant’s eye-catching design lends the venue a stylish, intimate party atmosphere far removed from the stylised, artificial feel of clubland where you’re never quite sure who or what is lurking in the darker corners. Here, we simply clear the chairs around the stage at 10:30 and turn up the floor-fillers.

Evangelista's Touch

Throughout the year we will be inviting a number of top acts to appear on the Quaglino’s stage. Variety will be the overriding theme for our live music so that no two nights are ever quite the same. The aim is always to give our guests a night to remember, just as our founder John Quaglino always did. The only difference is those nights just got longer!