The Roaring 1920s revamped at Quaglinos

Tastemaker has composed a beautiful review showcasing the 1920s era here at Quaglinos!

The Tastermaker writes how ‘new Quags is far from corked, though. Abounding allusions to old world glamour, from its ambassadorial entrance to a centrepiece stage that plays host to crooners antiquating contemporary ballads, give it an atmosphere of liminal anachronism that is surprisingly alluring’.

To conclude this beautiful article : ‘Quaglino’s played out like a luminary of the screen or stage reprising a famous familiar role. There’s a fine line to be drawn between reverence of the past and reinterpreting for the present and, for the most part, this Mayfair megastar treads the boards admirably – the occasional wobble balanced out by a contemporary flourish’.