Cheese & Biscuits visits Quaglino’s

Chris Pople from Cheese and Biscuits , one of  the top notch Food Blogs worldwide, visited Quaglinos last week  and was instantly impressed with the Art Deco : ‘The problem is there’s a fine line between a classy cabaret venue and a tacky “theme restaurant” and that difference is measured in everything from the décor to the service and yes – the food and drink. On the first measure, the décor, Quaglino’s is knockout’

Our guests then enjoyed delights and specialities such as venison tartare, pea tagliatelle & crème brulee that found really enjoyable.

He concludes  :’You’d have to be a really sour cynical type not to be swept away with the theatre of an evening at Quaglino’s, and believe me, I would have counted myself firmly in that group before my dinner there…’