Zacapa cocktails at Quaglino’s

WHEN: 27-03-2017 TO 09-04-2017

Our talented bar team have partnered with Zacapa to create a selection of  exclusive cocktails available in the Mezzanine bar.  Carefully created by Head Bartender Davide Arcucci, the bespoke collection boasts the La Tatuana, El Sombreron and Don Paco.

La Tatuana £13

Inspired by La Tatuana,  a beautiful young woman who didn’t care about society’s rules; she dressed provocatively,  flirted outrageously and was accused of practicing witchcraft.

Made in honour of Ernest Hemingway and his own famous daiquiri, La Tatuana combines Zacapa 23 shaken with cherry marnier lime and grapefruit juice, garnished with a mixed flower and dandelion and burdock bitters. La Tatuana is served in a short vintage martini glass.

El Sombreron £16

Based on the story of a young lady admired by a tiny man dressed in black with a big hat. The Tiny man, nicknamed ‘El Sombreron’ was besotted and smitten with her and took it upon himself to serenade her with his guitar every night, not giving her a moments peace.

In time, the lady became fond of El Sombreron and eventually shared the same love for him as he did for her.

Like El Somreron, the taste of this drink with its long finish will remain on your tongue and mind for a very long time. A tiki style drink, mix of citrus and guava juice sizzled with Zacapa 23 and XO, manzanilla sherry, amargo chuncho, orgeat infused pistachio, ginger beer and a lot of love!

Don Paco £13

Like El Cadejo, a dog that would accompany  those  in need of a guide or protector, as told by Don Paco himself. This drink will accompany you to another world: made of Zacapa 23 mixed with Cognac and Pisco, shaken with lime juice and plum, madarin bitters and served over ice. Don Paco is a refreshing old style.

The three cocktails will be available in the Mezzanine Bar from Monday 27th March until Sunday 9th April.