Quaglino’s LIVE feat. The A.R.T. Quartet

WHEN: 14-04-2015

Join us at Quaglino’s on Tuesday 14th April for an exclusive performance by the gorgeous A.R.T. Quartet.

For dinner reservations email quaglinos@danddlondon.com

Or call 0207 930 6767

Restaurant opens from 5:30pm.

In this special performance for Quaglinos, The A.R.T. Quartet will perform from 9:30pm.

Vocalist Angela Ricci has more than paid her dues on the route to her own commercial success. From well-received viral videos to performing with the likes of Kelis, Rita Ora and The Heavy, Ricci now begins to pave a path for herself.

Her diverse influences, some of which include Nina Simone and Ray Charles, are reflected in her jazz and blues sound, still situated wholly in the 21st century. This, she says, is something she exudes aiming to position the nostalgic genres into today’s day and age by adding a fresh pop spin.

Tonight Tonight The A.R.T. Quartet perform a heady mix of soul, jazz & pop to lilt us into the night.

DJ till 1am.