WHEN: 20-01-2018

21:00 – 00:20   Speakeasy

A throwback to the hedonistic age of Prohibition, underground gin clubs and flappers of the 1920s and 30s, Speakeasy started off as a straight-up, traditional 9-piece swing band – but in developing their act for London’s prestigious The Arts Club, they quickly evolved into an ‘electro-swing’ band, skillfully weaving in elements of electronica and dance music to give vintage songs a fresh, modern makeover – and modern day songs the vintage treatment. With big horns and a varied setlist that ranges from old swing classics like Jump, Jive & Wail and Minnie the Moocher to retro-inspired modern hits like We No Speak Americano, Speakeasy are a nod to the pass with a thoroughly 21st century twist

00:20 – 03:00   Rachel

Rachel is a multi-talented musician who has been impressing audiences worldwide for years. She is primarily a DJ and powerhouse vocalist, with the ability to impress in both. Rachel’s DJ sets specialise in many genres of music, including Pop, Rock, Rnb, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Swing and Disco. Due to her experience, Rachel has the ability to tailor her sets with the widest range of music.