WHEN: 28-03-2017

Quaglino’s are proud to present unique works by four Latin artists for one night only on Tuesday March 28th, each bringing an individual vision of their culture, environment and personal history.

The evening will be hosted by curator Irene Due, along with the artists themselves: Ana Lorena Nunez, Lucia Rohrmann, Mendel Samayoa and Sylvia Lockart, who will present their distinctive and impressive works.

Join us from 6.00pm – 8.00pm and enjoy drinks and canapés as you are taken through each artist’s vision. Places are limited, to RSVP for this event please contact Briam@danddlondon.com.  To book a table for dinner after the event please contact us on 0207 930 6767 or email quaglinos@danddlondon.com.

Q Club Members Offer

If you’d like to stay for dinner you can enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbles and an amuse-bouche with your 15% discount, when dining a la carte.

About Latinaria:

Latinaria is a collective of independent artists and curators with strong cultural links to Latin America. Latinaria is aimed at contemporary visual artists working in any medium from sculpture, photography, painting, video and more traditional local techniques.

About the artists:

Ana Lorena Nuñez – “I see my work as a journey through different backgrounds and experiences, conflicts and relationships that are part of every human being, specially women. My work is product of constant experimentation and curiosity, I build figurative and conceptual images through photographs, drawings, objects and collage images; isolated parts, which together form a whole, showing the essence of what I need to express. To me experimentation is an essential part of my work, constantly looking to renew it with different materials, I use multiple channels that include canvas, metal, wood and Plexiglas. I´m a self-taught mix media artist from Guatemala. Learning and working are my passion.”

Mendel Samayoa – Mendel Samayoa is a Guatemalan artist whose technique is based on applying colour on cavases with added texture. He uses a combination of colours as inspiration, and then lets “accidents” happen with stokes from the spatula, creating anthropomorphic silhouettes that are a reflection of the subconscious. He always seeks a central story and subplots that complement the themes of each piece. Human figures are created by applying drops of paint which make reference to their souls. For final details he uses sharp stokes to give the illusion of movement and then plasters the piece with grease to make the piece look rich in texture.

Lucia Rohrmann – Living and working in Guatemala has a profound impact on peoples lives appreciating what are basic services in other countries. “As a woman, a mother, now a grandmother and specially as an artist I believe in transmitting a positive message to all.  With art being the universal language it is my quest to send a message, through forms, composition, colours and symbols to awaken these feelings in the viewers´ minds and hearts. Through all these elements I propose to tell the stories of the figures represented. Each piece tells a different story, a remembrance or a thought”.

Sylvia Lockart – “The arts have always been a part of my life and I developed a passion for photography while working in advertising in New York City. I have been fortunate enough to have lived in numerous countries in Europe and the Americas and I travel often. Those multi-cultural experiences are the driving force to my curiosity and in many ways influence my whole approach to photography. I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society and of the Hampstead Photographic Society.  I currently exhibit and work in London, UK and in Maine, USA”.