What’s on today: BRUNCH starring Natalie & The Sound House Band

Quaglino’s rich history of incredible live music goes all the way back to the British Jazz and Blues scene of the 30’s – which is why, today, we’re incredibly proud to continue that wonderful legacy of incredible entertainment 7 days a week.

Join us Monday – Sunday for a line-up of jazz, blues, soul, and more, as our incredible artists soundtrack your sumptuous dining experience. 

On Saturday 6th of July join us at Quaglino’s for Brunch starring Natalie & Her Band & The Sound House Band takes to the stage to soundtrack your evening dining. 

Music Timings:

Natalie & The Band (Brunch): 1:15-2:00| 2:15-3:00 | 3:15 – 4:00

Trio 18:30-19 /19:30-20 / 20:15-20:45

Trio 21:15 – 22:30

The Sound House Band 22:45 – 00:15

Whether it be a highly energetic and dynamic contemporary and popular music setlist, or a subtle, fluid expression and emotion of jazz and soulful background music to create a quality ambiance, Dynamic Sound offers a first-class ticket on a musical journey from the soul and RnB classics to modern-day chart bangers. Dynamic Sound is a team of zestful musicians and performers bringing music to life through their musical performances.

With a range of musical experience including Jazz, Latin, Swing, Rock, Pop, Motown, Disco, RnB, Soul, House, Classical and many more. The Dynamic Sound Collective band consists of some of the UK’s top musicians who have worked with many major artists including Katy Perry, The Who, Jocelyn Brown, Lil Mix, Alanis Morissette, Olly Murs, Mr. Hudson, McFly, Misha B, Keisha White and Take That to name a few.