WHEN: 01-01-1970

Q Live Presents Cat Cavelli in Mad Love

Cat Cavelli is a singer/songwriter from London who has been singing and writing since the age of 13. Courted by record labels and Hollywood, Cat’s artist journey took her all over the world, with performances in Paris, Rome, Bahrain, and songwriting initiatives in LA, Florence and Budapest. 

After an extensive performing career touring Europe with a hip hop orchestra, and having written with some of the music industries most successful artists, Cat took a break from songwriting and the record label world to create her feature show: MaD LoVE, a tounge-in-cheek, mildly autobiographical fairytale about romance and relationships.

Her dynamic performance sees her transform on stage through a number of exciting costume changes, musical themes, and narrative through song, taking the listener on a journey through the highs and lows, the disaster and triumph of love.

MaD LoVE  – a seductive journey to the dark side of romance, featuring a tantalising fusion of blues, ballads, and burlesque-inspired stagecraft that is guaranteed to thrill and enthral.

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