Perfectly complementing our live music and decadent dining experiences, the bar team has created a new bespoke Art Deco cocktail menu to reflect the style and elegance of Quaglino’s.

Launching from Thursday 9th September 2021, it will feature a spectacular range of tipples surrounding 3 art movements; Art Nouveau, Cubism, and Futurism.

Art Nouveau – Inspired by a modern, colourful and floral style born in France and adopted in Spain and Italy, these cocktails include floral, refreshing and bright-toned drinks, perfect to taste before dinner as an apéritif.

Cubism – This powerful and famous art style is mirrored in these quintessential cocktails, with strong and refined flavours making the most of the quality aged spirits at Quaglino’s, perfect to be savoured after dinner as digestive drinks.

Futurism – Originated in Italy, this artistic movement intertwines decidedly unusual and particular flavours, creating the ornate opportunity to taste and indulge in drinks completely out of the box.

At Quaglino’s, we selected Art Deco to be at the center of this innovative and ambitious project, with the aim to deliver an intrepid menu that transforms the aesthetics of Art Deco style into liquid form. We wanted to make sure each drink offered a special taste sensation for guests, adding a new depth to their drinking and dining experience.” said Michele Lombardi, Head Mixologist at Quaglino’s.



La Belle Époque
Vodka infused shiso leaf – Elderflower liqueur – Raspberry cordial
– Rosé Vermouth – Perrier

Maybe Daisy
White rum – Apricot brandy – Spiced pineapple falernum – Citrus – White
vermouth – Spiced pink salt

Madame Antoniette
London dry Gin – Clarified pink grapefruit – Jasmine liqueur – Sparkling
wine – Jasmine blossom

Purple Revolution
Dark Rum – Berries Shrub – Lime Falernum – Herbal bitter – Ginger Ale



A Hint of Class
Cognac infused coffee beans – PX – Herbal liqueur – Caramel – Peychaud’s
– Absinthe – Edible coffee paint

Bee the Q
Reposado Tequila – Green pepper liqueur – Citrus – Honey & lavender mix
– Chocolate honeycomb

Dark rum – Bourbon Whiskey – Fig liqueur – White vermouth – Almond –
Clarified Oat milk – mix of bitters – Fig leaf

Blended scotch whisky – Pandan leaves – Angostura bitter



Red Passion
Italian red bitter washed coconut oil – Herbal liqueur – Coconut tuile

Vodka – Peach & basil cordial – Dry vermouth – Bergamot liqueur –
Bubbles – Crème de Pêche velvet

Forbidden Pleasure
Pisco – Rhubarb & grape cordial – Sugar – Rosé champagne – Soda water

Golden Buzzer
London dry gin – Clarified spiced tomato – Bergamot liqueur – Amontillado
sherry – Deep-fried nori seaweed