Where have I seen you before?
Marco Pierre White, Tom Aikens, various D&D restaurants – Plateau, Pont de la Tour

Can you describe your cooking in three words?
Fresh, Seasonal, Clean

What has been the biggest influence on your cooking?
Moving from Manchester to London, the standard and competition down here is much higher

What’s your favourite season for ingredients and why?
Autumn, everyone talks about spring, but the vegetables have a much stronger flavour, meat is generally more mature by October so is full of more flavour.

What do you cook yourself when you get home from a shift?
Nothing, I can’t face food when I get in, but I might have a couple of ales on the way home.

What makes a great dish?
Great ingredients and a little bit of technique

What makes a great restaurant?
Good food, happy staff and a decent vibe

What’s your favourite music to cook to?
I can’t stand music in the kitchen!

Have you got any tattoos?

Tell us something we might not know about you.
I help a friend of mine who has a farm in the Peak District every year during lambing season.